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Security Control: ; Revision: 3; Updated: Sep; Applicability: O, P, S, TS Technical security controls are used to prevent privileged users from reading emails, browsing the Web and obtaining files via online services. Patch operating systems.

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While no single mitigation strategy is guaranteed to prevent cyber security incidents, we have identified eight essential mitigation strategies which should be . The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has developed prioritised mitigation strategies, in the form of the Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents, to help organisations mitigate cyber security incidents caused by various cyber threats. The most effective of these.

Use the latest operating system version. Security Control: ; Revision: 0; Updated: Sep; Applicability: O, P, S, TS Security vulnerabilities in operating systems and firmware assessed as extreme risk are patched, updated or mitigated within 48 hours of the security vulnerabilities being identified by vendors, independent third parties, system managers or users. Security Control: ; Revision: 0; Updated: Sep; Applicability: O, P, S, TS An automated mechanism is used to confirm and record that deployed operating system and firmware patches or updates have been installed, applied successfully and remain in place.

Security Control: ; Revision: 0; Updated: Sep; Applicability: O, P, S, TS Operating systems for workstations, servers and ICT equipment that are no longer supported by vendors with patches or updates for security vulnerabilities are updated or replaced with vendor-supported versions. Security Control: ; Revision: 4; Updated: Oct; Applicability: O, P, S, TS Multi-factor authentication uses at least two of the following authentication factors: passwords, Universal 2nd Factor security keys, physical one-time password tokens, biometrics or smartcards.

Test restoration initially, annually and when IT infrastructure changes. Security Control: ; Revision: 1; Updated: Jul; Applicability: O, P, S, TS Full restoration of backups is tested at least once when initially implemented and each time fundamental information technology infrastructure changes occur. Organisations or individuals with questions regarding this advice can email asd.

Latest govt cyber guide may have helped prevent tech embarrassments.

In a computer-generated simulation of a three dimensional image or environment viewers can use special equipment to interact with the simulation in realistic ways. Are you getting profitable outcomes from your IT? The power of bringing information to the point of action in a seamless, unobtrusive manner is undeniable. Thanks for filling out our form! Configuration of Office Macros Review office macros and current policies to prevent untrusted macros with malware from automatically running.

Essential Eight. First published January ; Latest version October Introduction The Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents is a prioritised list of mitigation strategies to assist organisations in protecting their systems against a range of adversaries. Patch applications Patch applications e. Australia to 'fast-track' permanent residency for highly-skilled tech migrants. Coles taps off Visa debit in transaction network tussle.

What are the essential eight technologies?

Telstra laments partners who damaged its reputation. Microsoft starts countdown to new Azure CSP plan. NetApp takes managed Kubernetes to the next level with VMware. How long will a UPS keep your computers on if the lights go out? How to recover deleted emails in Gmail. The future of retail? Woolworths opens cashless store in Sydney. Excel tricks: get answers without writing a formula.

Australian Government seeks suppliers for 5,camera surveillance network. Australian home builder trials facial recognition in display homes. Lendlease lays out property-tech wish list. Learn more.

Essential Eight Risk Mitigation Strategies

Lincoln advises nonprofit organizations on an array of critical issues, ranging from organizational formation and structuring to lobbying and regulatory compliance. Here, she offers an updated analysis of the core elements of nonprofit board governance that ensure boards fulfill their fiduciary duties while advancing their organizations' missions. Serving on the board of a nonprofit organization can be a fun, invigorating, and dynamic experience.

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With a group of engaged and committed individuals, the nonprofit board can be an incubator of strategic thinking and practical guidance that sets the direction and tone for the rest of the organization. Nearly every nonprofit statute requires the directors of a nonprofit corporation to perform their duties as directors in good faith, in a manner reasonably believed to be in the best interests of the corporation, and with such care as would be exercised by a person in a like position.

Essentially, this articulates the duty of care and the duty of loyalty that form the basis of nonprofit board service. In practice, this may mean somewhat different things for different organizations. However, the 21st century is the most rapidly changing and dynamic period in human history. For this reason, it's worth taking a fresh look at these baseline fiduciary duties and considering what they mean in an era of constant technological change and instant communication. Board members are the leaders of a nonprofit organization.

If you, as a board member, don't feel a sense of urgency and passion regarding the mission of the organization, why should anyone else? Board leaders are the stewards of the organization's mission. As such, they should be very familiar with that mission and should be able to articulate it in a concise and compelling manner to anyone who asks. In addition, they should find opportunities to mention the organization to those who might be interested in its activities, both programmatically and as potential donors.

Loving the mission and being a leader of the organization also means giving of what you have. If you are able to be generous financially, donate. If you have a particular expertise, contribute that. If you have time, volunteer generously for committee work. Not every board member necessarily can write a large check to the organization, but if you serve on the board, you have made a commitment to give. Being engaged essentially includes the following five elements: prepare, show up, speak, listen, and follow up.


And then repeat. Preparation is essential. Boards are generally provided with financial and other materials including an agenda with proposed votes in advance of each meeting. As a board member, you need to take the time to read these materials. Give them time to simmer in thought.

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Showing up at meetings is a rather obvious baseline requirement, but many boards struggle with meeting quorum. When that is a recurring issue, board members should reconsider the timing of their regular meetings and to seek a better time for everyone to meet. For example, if evening meetings pose too many obstacles because of traffic, family obligations, etc.

This can be particularly useful for boards with directors in different locations. If such remote meetings are held, it is good practice to hold at least one meeting in person on an annual basis, however. When recruiting new board members, the timing and schedule of board meetings should be shared in advance, so the potential board member can assess whether he or she would be able to attend the meetings. It should go without saying that if it would not be possible to attend board meetings, service on that particular board would not be a good fit.

Showing up also includes bringing your full attention to bear on the discussion at the meeting. If you show up but constantly check your email, tweet, or browse the web with your smartphone, then your body may be present, but your mind is not. Contributing ideas to the discussion at meetings is essential to board service, but listening is equally, if not more, important.

Essential Eight Risk Mitigation Strategies

A board of directors operates as a collective and in order to function collaboratively, the members of the board must listen to one another with an open mind. Following up after a board meeting regarding action items that need to be addressed before the board next convenes is important.

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Thus, board members should be prepared to contribute some of their free time between meetings for committee work, networking on behalf of the organization, and attending fundraising and other events hosted by the organization. As stewards of the nonprofit's mission, board members need to ensure the organization is going in the right direction. This requires asking the right questions and executing on the answers. Questions that board members would be advised periodically to consider include: What are the top three threats to this organization over the next year? What are the top three opportunities?

What is needed to protect from the former and take advantage of the latter?

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Is there a better way to address the problems the organization is trying to solve? Would a strategic affiliation or merger with another organization help to mitigate the risks or take advantage of the opportunities facing the organization?