Seated In Heavenly Places

How can I be seated with Christ in the heavenly places if I'm still sitting upon the earth?
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In Warfare, Remember You Are Seated In Heavenly Places In Christ Jesus - Kay Arthur

Early this morning God put Ephesians on my heart, and as I thought about this scripture, I received a greater revelation. We are already raised up with Him; we don't have to struggle to get a seat, we just have to be seated.

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It's time to sit in our seat of authority. It's time to forbid the enemy to intimidate us. But most importantly it's time to sit in the Heavenly places with Christ. These carriers will not be afraid of the giants, but will go into regions and countries with the full expectation of radically changing the atmosphere by destroying the yoke and breaking open the heavens.

We were made to rule and reign.

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The waves come crashing in. Our perspective is narrow and filled with grief or despair at what may come. What reality do we stand on when everything seems so unclear and uncertain? Once we understand the position we are fighting from, our current circumstances quickly pale and minimize. Jesus has authority over everything on this Earth and we are seated beside Him. He imbues us with authority to speak life, calm storms, heal sickness, proclaim truth, cast out demons, etc. We must take hold of our position and the authority that comes from being co-heirs with Christ, seated with Him in heavenly places.

The stronger the spirit man grows, the weaker the physical man becomes. Where are the apostles?

Where are the prophets? I am not of the belief that they died out in the first century.

It is my belief that if Yahweh created a blueprint for the edification of the body, and He says all five of these offices are important for its growth, and His goal and purposes have not changed, then they MUST be still a part of His growth plan for the body! God says He gives the grace for each gift UP TO the measure that that gift needs to operate in fullness. But none of the gifts come fully developed.

They are to be developed inside the spirit man, which works in tandem with the physical man.

On the other side, shall He allow prophets and apostles to fully develop into maturity even though they may be pursuing His commandments if they do not pursue, grow, or take the necessary time for those offices to grow the spirit man in which the power of the office is housed? So we are left with pastors, teachers, and evangelists that, by and large, do exist today, but are stunted in maturity, focusing only on the gospel and a watered-down message of loving your neighbor.

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June 20th, 0 Comments. Our perspective is narrow and filled with grief or despair at what may come. Click the button below to continue. Priests minister to the Lord, but Kings sit on thrones and issues decrees and proclamations! Christ has given us a new hope. Early this morning God put Ephesians on my heart, and as I thought about this scripture, I received a greater revelation.

This is due to the lack of growth and not being in alignment with the proper understanding of the covenant they have allowed on the physical side of the coin. In order for either side to grow, there must be a strong desire for growth.

I tell the things which I have seen and learned at My Father's side (John 8:38, Amp).

New International Version And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, New Living Translation For he raised . God also seated Jesus in the highest position in the universe, at His Own right hand, and made Him head over We are seated with Christ in heavenly places.

The Spirit looks for those who are seeking Him. He distributes to those that are pressing in and wanting it the most. I encourage each of you to take serious time out to ask the Father to grow your spirit man into maturity.

Seated in Heavenly Places With Him

Perhaps you could start this new journey with the following prayer:. By faith, according to the authority that You have given my spirit man who is seated with Christ in the heavenly realms, I accept all the spiritual gifts that are due to me, and all the grace that is needed to grow them into maturity. I declare that the enemy will no longer prevent me from growth on either side of the coin and that nothing will inhibit supernatural growth in both areas.