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Happiness Is a Four-letter Word received critical acclaimed from its critics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 12 March Box Office Mojo. Retrieved 4 April As my child, I want what is best for you. And happiness is certainly best for you. But it can only be developed, not gifted, not created from nothing, not poured into you like so much water poured into a flask. Follow this link to read more about 7 basic habits that are commonly shared by the happiest people. Happy people tend to be more patient and loving, more generous, giving and kind.

New ‘Letters of Happiness’

Happy people are better children and better parents than their unhappy counterparts. They are more likely to be better employers and employees, better grandparents, friends and neighbors. They are more patient, spend more time with them and are kinder to their children than depressed, anxious, frustrated or chronically angry parents. Happy parents have the emotional wherewithal to be in the moment with and for their kids, enjoying them, focused on them, teaching them, loving them, forgiving them, being patient with their missteps, overlooking their idiosyncrasies, celebrating their accomplishments, creating a safe place for them to fall down, mess things up and otherwise falter on their way to mastery, improvement, growth and maturity.

And so happy people are more likely to raise happier children who will more likely than not, raise happier children in turn, who then will have a greater likelihood of living more rewarding lives doing more good to more people. I hope you can now clearly see the connection, that happiness is more than a happiness thing.

Happiness is within you

Happiness affects how we think and how we act. Thanks for sharing! Funding period Dec 10, - Jan 5, 25 days. I tried to make it clear why I spoke the way I did. Share on LinkedIn.

Happiness affects how we think and how we act. It affects our relationships, our productivity and our ability to to see and care about the needs of others. Unhappy people are paradoxically consumed with themselves , which is an inherently selfish way to live.

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Letters on Happiness. An Epicurean Dialogue. by Peter Saint-Andre. The best life is a happy life, and a happy life is easy to achieve: all you need is to. Letter on Happiness [Epicurus] on tranliliticar.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bargain Books are non-returnable. A best-seller in Europe following its.

The world revolves around them, their feelings, how others are treating them, how others are responsible for their unhappiness. Happy people, on the other hand, are more giving, more compassionate, more charitable, and more loving. People treat others worse when they are unhappy.

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They treat others better when they are filled with joy. It is easier being married to a happy person than a depressed or angry one. It is easier being the son or daughter of a happy dad than it is to an angry father. Homes are filled with an entirely different spirit when parents are fulfilled, satisfied, confident, loving and kind—all components of a happy life. There is, therefore, a moral obligation I place on you to seek out happiness, to search for the principles upon which happiness is the natural outcome, and to actively work to develop those traits and characteristics within you.

Click here to read about those character traits that are needed for a happy life.

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I know that some will. This is a letter of motivation. It is a map that places your happiness at its center. It is a light in the flickering darkness boldly proclaiming that life was never meant to stay dark.

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It is a nudge in the right direction , one that accepts the reality of life—that happiness matters tremendously, that your happiness matters tremendously, and that it matters because I care about you and because I care about those who interact with you. I will unfold the path to happiness as you step out into the dimly lit path that leads to it.

I will inspire you and uplift you and remind you and take you by the hand to lead you to more happiness than you ever thought possible.

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But you have to do the walking. You have to do the climbing.

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It will take work. Sometimes you will want to give up. Your heart may ache. Your mind may hurt. Your soul may gasp for air. But remember, your path to happiness is taking you through rough territory, on a journey to self-discovery, self-mastery, and self-development. You are forging a character. And character is only ultimately forged in the furnace of great heat.

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I will lighten your burden as you reach out to me and ask for guidance, but your spiritual and moral and emotional muscles must be exercised, developed and strengthened as you do the work of happiness. In the end, as you pursue more happiness by developing greater patience, love, forgiveness and kindness, find more purpose and meaning in your life, and fill your thoughts will gratitude, the door to your happiness will open.

You will then see the glimmer of sunlight. You told me that I am worth all the space I occupy. You told me I am able to move onto greater things in life. You promised me that despite the fact that things change, change can be growth, and from growth comes healing. Now I live my life trying to find you in everything. I walk in the city and find you in the eyes of two lovers holding hands on the sidewalk. I find you in the laughter that is so rare, it causes one's stomach to hurt.

I find you in upbeat music. In sublime and unique art. In foods that tickle my taste buds.

Happiness is within ourselves

I find you taking the form of my best friend, always giving me advice and allowing me to show my true colors. I try to find you in times that I feel like the world is crashing down on me, even if I don't find you right away, you always seem to show up eventually. Dear Happiness, I have written countless letters to my friends such as my demanding depression, my absurd anger, and my agonizing anxiety. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up!