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Byrne gave the Gibb brothers virtually unlimited access to St Clair Studio over a period of several months in mid During this productive time they recorded a large batch of original material—including the song that would become their first major hit, " Spicks and Specks " on which Byrne played the trumpet coda —as well as cover versions of current hits by overseas acts such as the Beatles. Frustrated by their lack of success, the Gibbs began their return journey to England on 4 January , with Ossie Byrne travelling with them.

Work quickly began on the group's first international album, and Stigwood launched a promotional campaign to coincide with its release. Stigwood proclaimed that the Bee Gees were "The most significant new musical talent of ", thus initiating the comparison of the Bee Gees to the Beatles. Before recording the first album, the group expanded to include Colin Petersen and Vince Melouney. Some DJs immediately assumed this was a new single by the Beatles and started playing the song in heavy rotation.

This helped the song climb into the top 20 in both the UK and US. Originally written for Otis Redding , "To Love Somebody", a soulful ballad sung by Barry, has since become a pop standard covered by many artists. The parent album, Bee Gees 1st their first internationally , peaked at No.

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Bill Shepherd was credited as the arranger. After recording that album, the group recorded their first BBC session at the Playhouse Theatre , Northumberland Avenue , in London, with Bill Bebb as the producer, and they performed three songs. That session is included on BBC Sessions: — Maurice recalled:. Jimmy Savile was on it and that was amazing because we'd seen pictures of him in the Beatles fan club book, so we thought we were really there! You have to remember this was really before the superstar was invented so you were all in it together.

In late , they began recording for the second album. The Herald Angels Sing " on tape boxes and subsequent release. The songs were all pre-recorded on 1 December and the group lip-synched their performance. The recordings were eventually released on the "Horizontal" reissue bonus disc in The folk group the Settlers and Radio 1 disc-jockey, Kenny Everett , also performed on the programme which was presented by the Reverend Edward H. Patey, dean of the cathedral. January began with a promotional trip to the US.

Los Angeles Police were on alert in anticipation of a Beatles-type reception, and special security arrangements were being put in place. The Horizontal album reached No. With the release of Horizontal , they also embarked on a Scandinavian tour with concerts in Copenhagen. Around the same time, the Bee Gees turned down an offer to write and perform the soundtrack for the film Wonderwall , according to director Joe Massot.

On 27 February , the band, backed by the piece Massachusetts String Orchestra, began their first tour of Germany with two concerts at Hamburg Musikhalle. After that, the group was off to Switzerland. As Maurice described it:. There were over 5, kids at the airport in Zurich. The entire ride to Bern , the kids were waving Union Jacks. When we got to the hotel, the police weren't there to meet us and the kids crushed the car.

We were inside and the windows were all getting smashed in, and we were on the floor. Two more singles followed in early the ballad " Words " No. After the tour and TV special to promote the album, Vince Melouney left the group, desiring to play more of a blues style music than the Gibbs were writing. Melouney did achieve one feat while with the Bee Gees: his composition " Such a Shame " from Idea is the only song on any Bee Gees album not written by a Gibb brother.

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The band were due to begin a seven-week tour of the US on 2 August , but on 27 July, Robin collapsed and fell unconscious. He was admitted to a London nursing home suffering from nervous exhaustion, and the American tour was postponed. Robin, still feeling poorly, missed the New York sessions, but the rest of the band put away instrumental tracks and demos.

By , Robin began to feel that Stigwood had been favouring Barry as the frontman. Their next album, which was to have been a concept album called Masterpeace , evolved into the double-album Odessa. Most rock critics felt this was the best Bee Gees album of the s with its progressive rock feel on the title track , the country-flavoured " Marley Purt Drive " and " Give Your Best ", and ballads such as " Melody Fair " and " First of May " the last of which became the only single from the album and a UK 6 hit.

Feeling the flipside, " Lamplight ," should have been the A-side, Robin quit the group in mid and launched a solo career. The single " Tomorrow Tomorrow " was also released and was a moderate hit in the UK, where it reached No.

The compilation reached the top 10 in both the UK and the US. The band made their debut performance without Robin at Talk of the Town.

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They had recruited their sister, Lesley , into the group at this time. Petersen played drums on the tracks recorded for the album but was fired from the group after filming began he went on to form the Humpy Bong with Jonathan Kelly. His parts were edited out of the final cut of the film and Pentangle drummer Terry Cox was recruited to complete the recording of songs for the album.

After the album was released in early , it seemed that the Bee Gees were finished. The next two singles, " I. On 1 December , Barry and Maurice parted ways professionally. Maurice started to record his first solo album, The Loner , which was not released. In mid , according to Barry, "Robin rang me in Spain where I was on holiday [saying] 'let's do it again'". By 21 August , after they had reunited, Barry announced that the Bee Gees "are there and they will never, ever part again".

Maurice said, "We just discussed it and re-formed.

We want to apologise publicly to Robin for the things that have been said. Bridgford had previously worked with the Groove and Tin Tin and played drums on Maurice's unreleased first solo album. The lead single " Lonely Days " reached No.

Their ninth album, Trafalgar , was released in late Later that year, the group's songs were included in the soundtrack for the film Melody. In , they hit No. By , however, the Bee Gees were in a rut. A second compilation album, Best of Bee Gees, Volume 2 , was released in , although it did not repeat the success of Volume 1. Goode " [45] and " Reelin' and Rockin' ".

‘One Night Only’: Bee Gees’ Las Vegas Show Became A Global Sensation

After a tour of the United States in early and a Canadian tour later in the year, [47] the group ended up playing small clubs. The resulting LP, Mr. When it, too, failed to attract much interest, Mardin encouraged them to work within the soul music style. The brothers attempted to assemble a live stage band that could replicate their studio sound. Lead guitarist Alan Kendall had come on board in but did not have much to do until Mr.

For that album, they added drummer Dennis Bryon, and they later added ex- Strawbs keyboard player Blue Weaver, completing the Bee Gees band that lasted through the late '70s. Maurice, who had previously performed on piano, guitar, harpsichord, electric piano, organ, mellotron and bass guitar, as well as mandolin and Moog synthesiser , by then confined himself to bass onstage.

After starting off with ballads, they eventually heeded the urging of Mardin and Stigwood, and crafted more dance-oriented disco songs, including their second US No. The band liked the resulting new sound. This time the public agreed by sending the LP Main Course up the charts.

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This album included the first Bee Gees songs wherein Barry used falsetto , [50] something that would later become a trademark of the band. The next album, Children of the World , released in September , was filled with Barry's new-found falsetto and Weaver's synthesizer disco licks. The pop ballad " Love So Right " reached No.

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So we felt, Oh Jeez, that's it. In the summer of , according to Barry, "Robin rang me in Spain where I was on holiday [saying] 'let's do it again'". Archived from the original on 7 July Grammy Awards. I can never be the brand name the Bee Gees were, I can never make that all happen again. Ocala Star-Banner. Community Reviews.

Following a successful live album, Here at Last Bee Gees It would be the turning point of their career. The cultural impact of both the film and the soundtrack was seismic throughout the world, prolonging the disco scene's mainstream appeal. The band's involvement in the film did not begin until post-production. I was dancing to Stevie Wonder and Boz Scaggs. They flipped out and said these will be great.