Falun Gong and the Future of China

Falungong and Canada's China Policy
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Based on fieldwork among Chinese Falun Gong practitioners in North America and on close examinations of Li Hongzhi's writings, this volume offers an inside look at the movement's history in Chinese popular religion. Touching on ancient history, peasant rebellions, religious revivals, Chinese medicine, the qigong movement, diaspora studies, the Internet in China, Communist Party politics, and more, Ownby uncovers the rich layers of context which are essential to understanding the Falun Gong issue.

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The book, written in clear, engaging and often humorous prose, will be an invaluable resource for specialists and general readers alike. David A. This book is crucial to anyone seeking to understand the role that religion and the search for meaning play in today's China. To situate Falun Gong in its full context, past and present, is to lay the basis for a fair and full assessment. No other book on the subject has yet done this.

There are so many crucial elements here that are missing from other works on the subject: Falun Gong's deliberate efforts to affiliate itself to science, its less deliberate links to the religious movements of China's past, the revival of spirituality in post-Mao China, and the regime's crisis of legitimacy. Above all, this book shows the deadly consequences of the blindness of those within and without the movement to China's own religious history.

Ownby has put Chinese religion in a position of never before held prominence in the 'rethinking and rewriting of China's modern history. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

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It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Academic Skip to main content. Search Start Search. Choose your country or region Close. Qigong was "invented" in the s by members of the Chinese medical establishment who were worried that China's traditional healing arts would be lost as China modeled its new socialist health care system on Western biomedicine.

In the late s, Chinese scientists "discovered" that qi possessed genuine scientific qualities, which allowed qigong to become part of China's drive for modernization. With the support of China's leadership, qigong became hugely popular in the s and s, as charismatic qigongqigong boom, the first genuine mass movement in the history of the People's Republic.

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The Economist explains Explaining the world, daily. Share Share. You will see what I mean. Like many of my colleagues, I have long dreamed of finding a subject which would enable me to bring my training to bear on something larger, less arcane, more immediately useful than the academic exercise of Chinese history sometimes seems to be. Blogs up icon. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.

Falun Gong founder Li Hongzhi started his own school of qigong in , claiming that the larger movement had become corrupted by money and magic tricks. Li was welcomed into the qigong world and quickly built a nationwide following of several million practitioners, but ran afoul of China's authorities and relocated to the United States in Christopher Murray, the attorney representing the Deerpark inhabitants who complain about the building activities. Town Hall meeting.

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On 10 April, during a Deerpark town hall meeting where inhabitants voiced their concerns , about fifty people spoke, the majority condemning Dragon Springs' new developments proposed in the DEIS. The pollution is going to be horrendous," adds Carlon Nielsen, another resident. Deerpark Rural Alliance wants no more expansion," says Grace Woodard who represents the alliance.

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Some Falun Gong supporters who spoke during the 10 April Town Hall meeting expressed regret: "I am sorry for the trouble we bring every day" says Shirley Hu, a Falun Gong practitioner who said she was jailed in China, acknowledging the concerns raised, but adding that Dragon Springs "really saves a lot of people".

Others are defiant. Gail Rachlin, a former Falun Gong spokesperson who lives in the region and works as a real estate agent stressed that "the Falun Dafa practice moving to our areas can only enhance the area," while Liam O'Neill, who served on the Deerpark town board and is known to be sympathetic to the movement points out that Dragon Springs helped Deerpark's "economic development". They complain that more and more Falun Gong members are buying up property near the complex.

What do they need guns for up there?

Don't we have cops to protect them here? But it is not sure if, and when, planned developments will be approved. According to Murray, the attorney, a final ruling may take years.


On April 25, , ten thousand Falun Gong practitioners gathered outside Zhongnanhai, the guarded compound where China's highest leaders live and work, in a day-long peaceful protest of police brutality against fellow practitioners in the. Falun Gong and the Future of China [David Ownby] on tranliliticar.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On April 25, , ten thousand Falun Gong.

Meanwhile, construction continues - unchecked. Town of Deerpark Supervisor Gary Spears answered to an emailed request for an interview that he couldn't comment because the town is "currently involved in disputes with Dragon Springs. In another scene that stands out during the otherwise fairytale-like performances set in ancient dynasties, the skyline of a modern city is suddenly submerged by a massive, red tsunami that transforms into the bearded face of Karl Marx, before it is wiped away by a shining light radiating from an image that vaguely resembles Li Hongzhi.

They are against their politics?

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Do they just want to promote their culture, the way it was before? The picture that goes with the preface shows a strong likeliness with Falun Gong guru Li Hongzhi, but this is not sure, as he is wearing dark glasses. The answer comes after a bit of searching.

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