Abolitionists: Shmoop US History Guide

Abolitionists: Shmoop US History Guide
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The plot is uncovered before it can be unleashed; 25 of the conspirators are executed and ten others deported to the West Indies. Beginning in , the Second Great Awakening, a powerful wave of religious revivalism, sweeps across the country. The Awakening establishes a form of evangelical worship that emphasizes the experience of personal salvation , encouraging a spirit of moralism that will drive future movements for temperance, women's rights, and abolitionism.

New Jersey adopts an act requiring gradual emancipation of all slaves within its borders, becoming the last northern state to pass legislation for a long-term end to slavery. At President Jefferson's request, Congress passes a law prohibiting all Americans from participating in the African slave trade. During a congressional debate over Missouri's proposal for statehood, Representative James Tallmadge of New York, introduces an amendment to the Missouri statehood bill calling for a prohibition against any further introduction of slaves to the territory.

Tallmadge's proposal sets off a furious sectional debate pitting proslavery Southerners against antislavery Northerners. The Missouri Compromise of will settle the controversy The question of whether or not to admit Missouri to the Union as a slave state generates serious sectional strife in Congress, with tensions running high and some lawmakers openly speaking of civil war.

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Abolitionists: Shmoop US History Guide - Kindle edition by Shmoop. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Abolitionists Learning Guide. to overcome the usual boundaries of class, race, and gender that have so often separated people throughout U.S. history.

The first freed slaves arrive on the West African parcel of land secured by the American Colonization Society. This has enormous consequences in a number of realms, one of which is the emergence of jobs and opportunities in central and western New York state for professionals in the emerging industrial economy. What we now know as a "middle class" starts to grow in the same region that will become known as the " Burned-Over District " for its central role in the Second Great Awakening.

This region becomes the center of some of the most important abolitionist activity in the nineteenth century. A free Black man and a self-taught clothes dealer publishes his self-titled, page David Walker's Appeal. Walker has left Wilmington, North Carolina to settle in Boston and become a member of the Massachusetts General Colored Association founded in for racial betterment and slave emancipation.

The Underground Railroad

The Appeal is a call to militant action for Blacks that alarms the white reading public but circulates rapidly. Walker stitches copies of the pamphlet into the lining of coats that he sells to Black sailors, who transport the work across the country with them. Copies are found in Savannah, Georgia within weeks of the publication. As a result, Georgia and North Carolina enact laws against incendiary publications. The pamphlet also provokes disavowal from antislavery activist and Quaker Benjamin Lundy, who thinks the pamphlet does a disservice to the cause.

Three editions of the pamphlet are printed in the next year. In the pamphlet, Walker argues against colonization. Addressing his fellow African Americans, he writes: "America is more our country than it is the whites—we have enriched it with our blood and tears. Colonization often receives the most vigorous support in places where Northern whites feel threatened by the growing presence of free Blacks in their midst.

Accordingly, the Cincinnati Colonization Society is formed in , and local colonization societies in the state increase from one in late to 45 by Simeon S.

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David Waldstreicher. All characters take part in the narration, although Emma receives the most time and narrative space as the main character. Without these cookies, we won't know if you have any performance-related issues that we may be able to address. Decision in Philadelphia. Fanny helps them escape to Canada, although Joe eventually returns to fight and die in the Civil War. The Pursuit of Public Power. The Road to Disunion.

Jocelyn , the white pastor of a New Haven church for Blacks, along with prominent abolitionists Arthur Tappan and William Lloyd Garrison, proposes a Black college in his town, which is thought to be a perfect site because of its intellectual reputation and the friendly and pious character of the inhabitants. New Haven residents become alarmed about the proposal almost immediately, and their fears increase after the Nat Turner insurrection in August. In a September town meeting, New Haven citizens denounce the Black college proposal by a vote of to 4; the next month, they stone Arthur Tappan's house on Temple Street and tear down a Black shanty on "Sodom Hill.

Slave Nat Turner begins his insurrection in rural Southampton County, Virginia; the only American slave revolt to make it beyond the planning stage.

Abolitionists Timeline of Important Dates

The resulting trials will lead to 55 executions and many more deportations. Turner takes his cue for the long-planned revolt from the unusual appearance of the sun; on the day of the revolt, there is an atmospheric disturbance in which it appears bluish-green. Bizarrely and probably unbeknownst to Turner and his followers , this rebellion occurs one day before the fortieth anniversary of the Haitian Revolution. The influential National Intelligencer of Washington, D. Nat Turner is discovered and captured while leading his bloody slave revolt in Virginia.

He dictates his "Confession" to physician Thomas R.

A People’s History of the United States

Gray while he is imprisoned in the Southampton County Jail. Nat Turner is hanged, then skinned, for his role as leader of the August slave insurrection in Virginia.

US History

Slaves revolt in Jamaica; as many as 60, of the island's , slaves participate; the rebellion is crushed by British soldiers and planters in about ten days. It aims to abolish slavery, gain equal "civil privileges and natural rights" for Blacks and Indians, and improve free Blacks' "character and condition. A Methodist pastor becomes its president. With financial support from fellow abolitionist and wealthy merchant Arthur Tappan, it gains a wide circulation. The New England Anti-Slavery Society institutes weekly anti-colonization forums in Boston and sends lecturers to surrounding cities and towns.

It also plans Fourth of July meetings to compete with the traditional colonizationist exercises. Many free Northern Blacks serve as its publication agents. Prudence Crandall , a young Quaker schoolmistress in Canterbury, Connecticut, is publicly rebuked for admitting a Black day student. To challenge the community's prejudice, Crandall opens a boarding school exclusively for Black girls.

The town calls a meeting and denounces the plan. They are led by Democrat Andrew T. Judson, an officer of the local colonization society who will later become a U.

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Crandall admits ten to twenty girls anyway, despite the town's attempts at blocking the school through appeals to the state legislature. Then the town resorts to violence: they harass Ms. Crandall, throw manure into the school's well, hurl rocks at the schoolhouse, and repeatedly try to burn it down. They destroy her home in September of , finally forcing her to leave for Illinois. Anti-abolition mobs tear across New York City, primarily incited by charges that emancipation will lead to amalgamation—race mixing.

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A meeting of African-American activists in Boston adopts a resolution declaring that they regard "all persons of color who were not antislavery men in principles and practice as the greatest enemies of our cause, our elevation and our happiness. In this section we will explore the turning point events and learn how this dramatic transformation occurs in the American colonies. Resources for 2. This study guide will help you prepare for the Unit 2.

We will discuss political and military strategy employed by both the Patriots and British. Significant individuals and the contributions of the common citizen will be explored. Story of realistic painting of Washington's Crossing video. Students will need to be able to identify the location of ten significant battles of the American Revolution on a map as well as understand the importance of each of those battles. Resources for Unit 3.

The Underground Railroad

This study guide will help you prepare for the Unit 3 assessment. Unit 3 Study Guide - a review of all the information and concepts you will need to know to be successful on the Unit 3 assessment, some of which is covered in this session of notes. Unit 3. Shays' Rebellion pushes the country to the brink and exposes the many weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and makes it clear a new plan of government is needed.

Women's Suffrage: Crash Course US History #31

Shays' Rebellion - History. We will explore the constitutional delegates, the issues they faced as they wrote the Constitution and the compromises they created to write a completed Constitution which has become the model government for nations around the world.

Resources for Unit 4. Notes - The Amendments. This study guide will help you prepare for the Unit 4. Unit 4.

Origins of the American Civil War

Unit 5. Resources for Unit 5. This study guide will help you prepare for the Unit 5 assessment. This study guide will help you prepare for the Unit 5. Resources for Unit 6. This study guide will help you prepare for the Unit 6. Unit 6.

Frontier House - complete series on YouTube. Resources for Unit 7. Unit 7. Resources for Unit 8. Study Guide for Unit 8.